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GVG Ambassador Team

Ken Bjorksten

Location:                 Heath Hill, Victoria


Special Interests:   Poultry, my land & family


Best Achievement: My 2 daughters & 4 grand children

Aspirations:             To leave things better than when I came in & to make the Warragul                                                                                  Poultry Club the best it can be for future fanciers.

Favourite Product:  Open range premium

Why you love and choose Green Valley Grains: The products work, are affordable and natural

Favourite inspirational quote: Can't say i have a favourite!

Adam Jordan


Location:                  East Kurrajong NSW


Special Interests:    Poultry, my land & family


Best Achievement: Reserve Champion Goose or Gander @ the Sydney Royal Easter Show                                                                            2019, Champion Junior in the Exhibition Poultry Australia online show 2020             

                                          acceptance into a Selective Agriculture High School for 2021

Aspirations:             To breed and show the best exhibition poultry

Favourite Product:  Open Range Starter Crumble as that’s the best start you can give                                                                                     your poultry & My ducks love the Hobby mix.

Why you love and choose Green Valley Grains: 

                                           All my poultry love it. I breed waterfowl as well as chickens & its really important to

                                           have a feed that suits both. Green valley grains mixes are fantastic for both waterfowl

                                           and chickens.

Favourite inspirational quote: I love poultry because its the pet that "poops" breakfast

Chloe's Poultry

Location:                  St Andrews Victoria


Special Interests:    Breeding & Fertile egg production


Best Achievement: 


Favourite Product:   Starter Grower Mash & Open Range Premium Layer Mix 

Why you love and choose Green Valley Grains: 

Favourite inspirational quote: 

Chloe's Poultry.jpg

Emily Muir 

Location:                      Melbourne                 


Special Interests:        Everything chicken related, photography, op-shopping & attempting to

                                               live sustainably


Best Achievement:     When I was younger I would probably say my science degree, or my

                                               post graduate studies in multimedia but now I’m a mum and feel

                                               there’s nothing as challenging or rewarding as being a parent

Aspirations:                  To live on an acreage and make a living combining my creativity and

                                                love for animals

Favourite Product:       Open Range Poultry mix & Stater Grower Mash

Why you love and choose Green Valley Grains: 

                                        My chooks really love it! There’s a great variety of grains and I love

                                                 that there is lucerne chaff in the mix for extra greens

Favourite inspirational quote: “Everything in moderation, including moderation” - Oscar Wilde

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