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Can I apply Hemp Seed Oil to my dog’s skin?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

As you know, we just love the nutritional and healing properties of Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil for pets is not only great in their food (they will lick it right off the spoon or dropper) it’s also fantastic for external use. It alleviates dry skin, improves fur & coat, strengthens nails, is great for a sore cracked nose or paws, and helps relieve joint pain.

Apply directly to dry skin, nose or paws for instant relief and nourishment. We advise applying multiple times a day for best results. If you pet needs extra abrasion healing properties, try our Healing Aid ointment, which combines the natural powers of Hemp Seed Oil and Manuka Honey and tea tree!

Hemp Oil for Pets: Click Here

Healing Aid: Click Here

Hemp seed oil for dogs and cats is amazing either added to food as a regular Omega 3 and 6 supplement, helping to maintain a healthy coat, or applied directly to the skin for supreme moisturizing and nourishment.


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