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Customer Review - Pure Vitality

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We just love receiving reviews and feedback on our range, especially when our products are making a huge difference to animals with underlying nutritional issues. Below is a wonderful message we received from Lisa (VIC) about her beautiful mare Josie.

Hi Green Valley Team , I just wanted to give you some feedback on your Pure Vitality feed for my mare. Josie is a 19yr old, 17hh, Warmblood mare who suffers from laminitis and I have been using Pure Vitality for a little while now.. I am so happy with the improvements I have noticed in her, including:

  • Improved Coat Quality - depth of colour, shine, dapples - the saddle fitter just the other day was amazed by the dapples and shine of her coat

  • She has a finished “full” look to her body shape (sorry don’t know how better to explain that)

  • She’s changed shape, gotten bigger and we had to put a bigger gullet in her saddle

  • Increased energy levels - literally feels like she has a new lease on life (can now maintain collected work, she used to find it hard to use her body, to wait and sit and get power from behind)

  • My coach is impressed with how she’s working and has told me many times now “whatever you are doing, don’t change a thing” Hand on my heart I know its coming from her diet and feeding her Pure Vitality

Thanks so much Lisa for your incredible feedback! We are so pleased that Josie is doing so well on Pure Vitality!! She looks spectacular!!

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