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Green Valley - Now a member of AIHA!

Green Valley is proud to share the news that we are now a member of the AIHA (Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance). As you know, Green Valley is dedicated to supporting all aspects of Agriculture in Australia and becoming a member of the AIHA is just another way we can continue to be a part of growth and change within our sector.

One of the many reasons we love Industrial Hemp and hero this amazing superfood in our Naturals range, is because Hemp absorbs more CO2 than any other, broadacre, crop and draws heavy metals from soils. It is therefore a great means of sequestering carbon and rehabilitating derelict land. Its important to Green Valley that we continue to evolve and embrace agricultural practices that enhance the environment and promote sustainability. Paul is working behind the scenes with Industrial Hemp growers to secure the highest quality Australian Hemp seeds and related raw materials for our Naturals range.

The members of AIHA include growers, processors, retailers, educators and manufacturers, all united in their passion for this wonderful natural crop, industrial hemp. Green Valley is also a member of the Hemp Feed Coalition in the US, representing Australian manufacturers and networking with American producers, legislators and academics, all with the one goal - to legislate and standardize the production of Industrial Hemp across all sectors.

Want to learn more about the amazing work of the AIHA and HFC? Check out their websites below:


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