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Hemp Seed Oil Success Story - Lola the beautiful Labrador

We got our gorgeous black Labrador, Lola in June of 2016 and for the first 12 to 18 months we experienced no problems, then came along a hot spot or two, followed by yeast infections a plenty and dry skin that produced very noticeable flakey white dandruff. Every year during spring and all the way through summer we would regularly visit the Vet to combat one or all of these problems with tablets, drops, injections, special shampoos and conditioners. In spring/summer of 2020 her coat issues became so bad that she nearly lost all of her coat and once again we had numerous vet visits, with an abundance of costly remedies to try and help her recover.

This time it took months to get her coat back and although all her skin was now covered by hair, it was still extremely dry and horrible. I did some research, and thought maybe I should get some more oil into her diet, deciding on what I thought was the simplest and easiest version and chose Fish Oil Tablets. She would need at least 7 Fish Oil tablets per day, which meant we went through them quite quickly. Her coat was looking better and I thought I had conquered her problem. Spring of 2021 had arrived and I could see no signs of any problems, then suddenly in a blink of an eye, we had the head shaking and the dandruff was back with avengence.

I increased the Fish Oil to no avail and knew that another Vet visit was imminent. I booked an appointment with the Vet and whilst waiting for the day of our appointment I did some more research and found that the Fish Oil was only giving her Omega 3 & 9 and we were missing out on 6. I found that Hemp Oil was something I could try that gave a balance of all three and purchased a bottle of Green Valley Hemp Seed Oil. I started the Hemp Seed Oil straight away, but we still decided to visit the Vet just to be sure and once again they sent us home with Tablets saying that they thought I had caught it early this year, but little did they know that Lola had been on the Hemp Oil for a week prior to her visit and I was sure I was already seeing a difference, so I decided not to go ahead with the tablets and give the oil a chance.

We are now 7 weeks down the track and I can't believe the difference in Lola. Her ears are clear, her dandruff has gone, her coat is so soft and shiny, like it was when she was a Puppy and she is such a happy dog again. We have even been able to give her a bath without causing her coat to revert back to being dry and coarse. With the amazing results I have had with Lola and looking deeper into the reasons for feeding this product I decided to put my 10 year old Golden Labrador, Mouse, who has no skin conditions or coat issues on this product for her general well being and joints and there is no doubt in the few weeks she has been on it I am already seeing a change in her demeanour and she is acting like a pup again.

I would happily recommend this product to any Pet Owner and you can guarantee that if and when a new puppy becomes part of our family, they will have this product from day one, no question.


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