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Is Industrial Hemp Swabbable?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

At Green Valley we only use Australian Industrial Hemp Seeds (bred to have micro levels of CBD or THC) – we do not use the leaf, stem or flower.

But we do disclose that even though our

hemp contains well below .04% THC levels, riders must be mindful that there is a very minimal risk of swabbing if the lab is specifically testing for THC.

Testing instruments and technology are far superior than years past and are extremely sensitive. We have consulted with FEI vets and although they agree and admit that no horses have tested positive to THC, there still is a risk.

Pure Vitality is designed for Equestrian Horses, in light to moderate workload. The health benefits to the animal when consuming Industrial hemp is phenomenal but we respect and comply with industry standards for those competing at a world class level.

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