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What is ProN8ure® & why do we love it?

Our no#1 priority is to bring the best of nature to you and your beloved animals which is why we have included the proven natural multi strain probiotic ProN8ure® (formerly known as Protexin)

ProN8ure® is a multi-strain probiotic containing live beneficial bacteria which promotes good gut flora for optimal digestion and internal health

  • A blend of live viable microbes which benefits the host animal by improving the intestinal microbial balance.

  • ProN8ure® helps maintain a balanced digestive system, thus optimising digestion of feed and enhancing your animals' health, naturally.

  • These microbes are safe non-toxic and residue free.

  • ProN8ure® may be used during periods of stress

  • Compatible with feed ingredients including anthelmintics, coccidiostats, minerals and vitamins, and some antibiotics.

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